Tokyo Tower stood out from the cityscape, its top soaring high over the nighttime lights. Meagen was crouching on the very pinnacle, on top of the small red light that server as a warning to aircraft. This high up, even the loudest noise from below was lost among the howling of the wind.

She didn't seem bothered by the precariousness of her perch, the long drop to the ground below, the angry Mihoists closing in, or the creature who was currently sharing the tiny space with her.

This was a rather remarkable creature, even by Megatokyo standarts. Short, similar in shape to a penguin, but covered in gray fur, with white sneaker shoes on its "legs" and a green and white striped scarf around its "neck". It sat back-to-back with her, mirroring her movements.

Meagen scanned the horizon, one hand over her eyes as if to shield them against nonexistant sunlight. Slowly, she turned her head from left to right, then switched hands and turned the other way. She took a look back over the Doubtful Guest's head as it ducked to watch the space in front of her. She took another long, panning look at the cityscape, then picked up the !penguin and held it away to allow them both a look in the opposite direction. Then she set the creature back down, seemingly oblivious to its presence.

Meanwhile, below her, things were getting complicated.

"Nonono. See, I'm a Minion of the *First* Order, With Plenty Of Style. I'm clearly the senior of the group here, so you should all do what I say." One of the PKs glared at the others, fiddling with the grip of his katana.

"Ha!", his most vocal opponent shouted back, "I may be only a Second Order, but I have a Special Mention For Wonderful Cosplay, and I'm a member of the Mahou Fan Horde! Mahou-sama once personally 'Meep'ed at me!" This caused quite a stir among the group.

One of the girls cut in. "I have a Ribbon of Miho which Lady Shadowdancer personally bestowed upon me for my rendering of the Darkly Cute One in art."

There was more muttering at that, but the First Order Minion quickly cut in: "Okay, okay, so you're a good artist, and you're a cosplayer, that's all well and fine but it doesn't give you any authority. I have the most style, and-"

"Excuse me", one of the others interrupted, "but can't we just split up and go get her? This is a pretty clear situation, for Miho's sake. We've got her cornered and we just need to go get her. Why are we fighting over titles *now*?"

The First Order minion and the cosplayer glared at him in unision, then shook their heads. "N00bie", the cosplayer muttered.

Before he could respond, the girl cut in again. "I have a Ribbon of Miho!", she shrieked, waving said artifact around in a clenched fist. "Shadowdancer-sama gave it to me personally, after-"

"Oh, shut up", the First Order Minion snapped angrily. The girl stopped, then her mouth shook visibly.

"Hidoi...", she muttered, and everyone winced. The Minion stepped back in alarm.

"N-no! Wait! I didn't... I mean-!", he pleaded.

The girl's eyes glittered slightly as she almost radiated with hurt feelings. The other two girls in the group, who weren't affected by the threat of tears, noticed that she managed to look quite stylish while wibbling. This was a rare feat, and no doubt the lady Shadowdancer would soon take notice of this young servant of Miho.

For now, the wibble was having its desired effect, as the would-be leader not only capitulated, but was really sorry he ever started the fight. "Okay! Okay! You win-! Please don't... *Please*..." the wibble lessened, to his relief. "*Please*... lead us. Milady."

The girl broke into a smile. "All right! Everyone, let's split up and head upwards. We shall corner the cursed Largo fangirl who *dared* harm Miho-sama, and we will shall bring her to the Lady Shadowdancer to be judged!"

The others all broke into cries of agreement, except one who still seemed confused about the intricacies of the CoM's lower chain of command. Breaking up into a few small groups, they began scaling Tokyo Tower with long, gravity-defying jumps and levitation magic.

Meagen and the Guest knelt down, carefully peeking over the edge as the Mihoists closed in. Whisps of conversation began to reach them.

"...clear so far..." "...nothing in the elevator..." "...western side, either..."

"Hey, I can see something up there!"

Meagen snapped up reflexively, then noticed the Doubtful Guest's scarf was blowing in the wind, unfurling way beyond the edge of the platform.

She looked at the !penguin. It looked back at her.

She grabbed its "neck" just above the scarf, and held it out at arm's lenght. It kept looking at her, its expression unreadable.

She gave her best cute smile. "Sorry", she said, and let go.

There was a muted "Oof-!", and the sound of steel bending under great pressure. There were some cries of surprise, which quickly turned to screams of fear. Then there was the sound of several people being brutally, horribly, excessively pied.

Then there was silence.

Grinning to herself, Meagen hopped down from her perch.


[AN: The first part of this scene didn't quite come out right, but anyone who watches cartoons probably knows what it's supposed to look like.

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