Less than half of the Mihoist Player Killers remained on her trail now. Bouncing from roof to roof, Meagen decided to wrap things up. She led them to another landmark - not quite as imposing as the Church of Miho, but still pretty grandoise in a low-budget way.

The Order of Rent-A-Zilla's Cathedral.

Landing on a flat part of the roof, she spun around and stood there, dramatically framed in the glow of the OCSB's various neon signs.

As the remaining five black-clad pursuers landed on the far edge of the roof and began advancing, drawing their weapons, she spun around, the Big Stick appearing in her hand to be twirled, and finished in a pose that was somewhere between a martial artist's and a magical girl's.

"All right", she said, in a low, dark voice, sweeping her glance across her opponents. "This is it. No more running. No more tricks." Four of the guys were standart Mihoist stock, with standart Mihoist katanas held in standart cinematic fashion. They all shrunk back slightly as her gaze fell on them, but held their ground.

The girl in the front of the group, however, advanced unflinchingly even when Meagen gave her best glare. She was dressed in a tight-fitting top, a short skirt that fluttered slightly in the breeze, non-transparent tights and flat-soled boots. The ensemble was in the traditional black and purple, and gave the impression of being reasonably comfortable for combat as well as stylish. Her dark hair was cut short except for one long lock hanging in front of her left ear, with a purple ribbon magically suspended in it. It looked rather like Lain cosplaying Miho, or possibly the other way around.

She drew her own weapon - not a katana, but a thin, straight blade with a short grip and a decorative guard, a rapier. Hefting it in a traditional fencer's grip, she advanced, her bright purple eyes never leaving Meagen.

"You were quite clever, leading us on a merry chase like that", she said. "Thinning out our numbers. But you stopped much too soon." She smirked. "You were lucky. But now... we are five against one. You have no chance."

One of the male Mihoists stopped his careful advance to whisper to the next one, "She's new in town, isn't she?"

The other one nodded. "Very much so." He sighed slightly. He had been regretting his decision to take off after Meagen, and cursing the luck which had allowed him to remain in the race this long. There was no way to back out and remain stylish now... And their 'leader' would probably tell them to leave Meagen to her any minute now.

"Leave her to me", the Mihoist girl told the fanboys, who obediently halted just out of reach. One of them sighed again.

The two girls faced off, stick and rapier at the ready. A tense hush fell over the group.

"It ends now", Meagen said.

"Make your move", the Mihoist (whom Meagen had mentally nicknamed "Ribbon Girl") invited. The fanboy winced.

"Okay. I give up", Meagen said in a normal voice, dropping her Stick to the ground, and smiling at them cheerfully.

The five Mihoists looked at her for a full ten seconds, completely speechless.

Then the roof collapsed.


"The snow collects in the mountains slowly", Phydeaux intoned, as the elevator began its ascent.

"But when the avalanche starts, none may halt it", Asimov responded.

"We are the mountains. The snow is our funding", Phydeax went on.

"When we collect enough funding, we shall let loose the avalanche of a Rent-A-Zilla Rampage!", Asimov bellowed.

A loud, earth-shaking crash sounded through the whole building. "What the *hell* was that?", Phy-chan cried, which wasn't actually part of the spiel.

Asimov looked sheepish. "Oh. I suppose that was the snack bar's roof... I, uh, sort of had it only temporarily repaired. To save some snow. I mean, cash."

Phydeaux glared at her leader. "And you do realise that cleaning up after a collapse will cost *more* than you've saved, and you'll have to have the roof repaired properly anyway?!"

"Oh. Uh, yeah, I guess so."

The redhead shook her head. "And you wonder why it's taking us so long to save up for our ultimate goal..."

"Hey! The snow collects in the mountains slowly, but-"

"We did that part already", Phy-chan reminded him, then pressed a button. The elevator stopped, then went back down. "C'mon, let's see what happened down there."


[AN: Whew! This chase scene wasn't *supposed* to take this long... I swear, the next part's the aftermath, so we can get on with the plot. Stay tuned!]

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