Lost One (Abandoned Island)
by Eli Young (Elyscape)
Apologies to Rammstein

Leave me on my own
My own protection is all I know
I don't need your help at all
If I'm not like an island, I'll be lost

I'll live my whole life disattatched
Leave me alone, I'll stand, not lean
I'll protect myself, if I fail
I'll get up and dodge the hail

Lost one

No-one that I know can understand
What I did, it wasn't planned
I had become what I most hate
And they loved me for it! God, it hurt

I'll live...

Lost one

I will be fine, somehow I'll live
I don't need help, from you or others
Leave me now so you can't see
Teardrops tainting the eyes of monsters

I'll live...

Lost one
I am the lonely child
Lost one
Leave so you won't hate me
Lost one

Küss Mich (Fellfrosch)
by Rammstein

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