Types: Filk, Erika

So long fanboys, my old fans...
I must leave you to your own ends
Because of all the things you stole from me,
All the lies that you had told to me,
And the reward that no longer justifies
Within the sound of my voice

I tossed and turned for nights unknown
Knowing why I felt alone
Inside my heart I felt so empty
I turned away from what you gave to me
When I left I said I had left for good.
Swore I would
Leave the sound of my voice

Who's never heard of Girl Phase?
It was such a darling craze:
People watched it from dawn to dusk,
People dressed up at the conventions,
People changed the words of songs to match her plight,
But they weren't right.
Betrayed the sound of my voice.

"Fans!" said I, "they have no end,
fanboys are a curse from him.
You failed me now I must fail you
All stories have their end, this too."
But my words have failed to hit the mark.
Echoed in the sound of my voice.

And the people worshiped me
I left them there and was set free
Without the Soul, the Voice, or the Heart
They failed giving them what they saught
And all they said:
"This show has been canceled because all the ratings fell."
And other lies,
The whisper of the sound of my voice.

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