Here's something for those Largo and Largo/Erika fans out there.

Apologies to Billy Joel ("You May Be Right"). Some sections of the lyrics are cut at author's judgement. If you have a problem with it, PM me.

Friday night I crashed your party
Saturday I said I'm sorry
Sunday came and trashed me out again
I was only having fun
Wasn't hurting anyone
And we all enjoyed the weekend for a change

Piro's an okay guy, I guess. Has a habit of throwing pity parties - what, you don't think I can spot 'em? No wonder he goes on about sad girls in snow and his drawings and that shoujo stuff he gets. He attracts them like a n00b attracts frags - just his presence sparks it all off, and they almost fly to him when he's in an area.

I should really trash those again.

I did once. It was back when I first met him, I locked up whatever silly game he was playing at the time. Put it back behind the b33r. He'd never want to look behind all those cans.

And I discovered something; he changed, one of two ways. Either he'd become more depressed, or he'd get pissed off.

'Pissed off' is relative. To him, "pissed off" is showing some backbone. Willing to fight for something.

You may be right
I may be crazy
But it just may be a lunatic you're looking for
Turn out the light
Don't try to save me
You may be wrong for all I know
But you may be right

I'm not deaf. I can hear people talk. "Is he insane?" "Does he know what he's doing?" "What the hell IS he doing?"

I don't know ALL that I'm doing. Does everyone? I don't think so.

Is it always good to know what you're getting into? Depends. If you're playing a game, definitely - ups the frag count. Frag counts mean respect. Respect good. If you fail, you learn, you do other things.

Piro - he thinks too damn much. What's the point of that? He's never going to get anywhere.

d00d, the point of life is to live it. It's a game that doesn't play fair. No cheat codes. And nobody knows all the rules. No manual. It sux0rs, but that's the way it is, and we can't just quit.

Quitting is playing without honor. Without respect for the game.

Remember how I found you there
Alone in your electric chair
I told you dirty jokes until you smiled
You were lonely for a man
I said take me as I am
'Cause you might enjoy some madness for awhile

Ironic, isn't it? Yeah, I know what irony is. I'm not that stupid.

It's ironic that you came up when you did. You're smart. You can't break the arms of all those people. Besides, you're not really irritated at them - I've seen you irritated. You were that boothbabe, right? The r4ck3d one? Didn't seem anything could scare ya - "Look at me, I am cold, nothing gets to me. Look at me, I am b4b3, I am the QuickKill-ing one. I am t3h c|-|1xx0r, j00r Digital Angel."

And now you're scared.

You've lost control. Your wings are broken, and you can't fly away.

I've never seen someone that... distant, toward Piro before. Then again, it's not hard to read him. Yeah, I have my Cool Thing. I like my games and my machines and my b33r, but that guy has two things written on his face - "hopeless romantic" and "hopeless otaku".

And that's what you're scared of. The otaku part.

Now think of all the years you tried to
Find someone to satisfy you
I might be as crazy as you say
If I'm crazy then it's true
That it's all because of you
And you wouldn't want me any other way

You've played the game. You've actually been a voice in games - and that's how people knew you, right? Piro had a bunch of stuff. I think I threw that stuff out too - it's been awhile, and my memory isn't like a computer's. No upgrades there.

Yeah, you got a good voice. Yeah, you look good - you're a chixx0r, 'course you do. And you're r4ck3d. But, I don't care about that. Nice to have, but what I care about is if you can play The Game or not.

You can hold your own. I can see it in your eyes.

I don't care if you think I'm crazy. Insane. Just another luser, a n00b, or an otaku like Piro is. If there's something I can do for you, I'll do it, and you know it.

"Do you want to save before you quit?"

You do, I think. You've screwed up before, you've lost control. You like having control.

Well, in this game, you can't save.

You can't quit, either. You have to use skillz.

So, Hayasaka Erika...

Do you want your wings back?

You may be wrong but you may be right
You may be wrong but you may be right...

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