Song by MDMFK (which, IIRC, is re-organized KMFDM). Shadowdancer first had the idea that this would go well, but for the Church of Miho roleplay faction; I think it works okay for Miho, too, once I was thinking about it.

Speculation for Miho, as per what seems to be usual.



Bolts of lightning, out of the blue
Without forewarning - the heat is on you
Watch what you say, the phone may be tapped
Under heavy surveillance - looks like you're trapped
Under investigation, whether guilty or not
Without your own doing, you're part of the plot
Trying to hide - going underground
Just a matter of time until you will be found

Erika arched an eyebrow, looking sidelong at Largo. She knew who was out there, and she also knew he knew (though what exactly he knew, she didn't think even the Kami could tell).

She didn't want to go outside. It'd be going back in the past, going back to something that was over and done with. Why did people want to bring all that up again? What's gone is gone.

There was a film she had watched once. Was in English, but with Japanese subtitles, based on an American novel. And in that film, was a line.

"Can't go back to the past? Why, of course you can!"

Is that what the assembled fans outside wanted? Did they want her to go back?

Couldn't they see that now wasn't then? That she was herself?

The noose is tightening- there's no return
Moral cleansing - free thinking must burn
Freeze, down on your knees - beaten and bound
Tarred and feathered they parade you around
The media is feasting - your face on the news
It's a feeding frenzy - a mob on the loose

In her stint as a voice actress, she was expected to do image songs, image albums. If her voice was good enough, songs on the main soundtracks.

She recorded one and only one CD, of her own.

That had ended her career. Or rather, she had left it, after the producers had complained, the media had complained, and it had a small run; effectively silencing her.

She was just a voice, playing a role, and that role was her job. What was she thinking, going against that? Didn't she know better?

Yeah, she knew better. She left and took her voice with her.

But now... there was a mob outside. Look, it's Hayasaka Erika! Right here! Wasn't she so great? And so cool-looking, and cute!

All she wanted was her own life. Couldn't they let her have that?

It doesn't matter what you say or do
There is no justice - no future for you
Because you're the scapegoat you are to blame
This is your life - 15 minutes of shame

Miho did not like to be at school. It was part of the reason why, when she did go, she was by the windows, looking out, or writing stuff - anything to avoid the looks of her classmates. She knew what they whispered, she knew how they looked at her.

They didn't look that often, but she still knew. She remembered. It happened often enough.

"Tohya-san doesn't play fair." "She's not normal." "Oh, she just wants attention. Look how she dresses! Look how she acts, like we're not good enough for her!" "Maybe she's one of those kinds of people..."

Witch hunt - guilty by association
Witch hunt - systematic defamation

She didn't want unnecessary attention. She wasn't an attention whore.

Witch hunt- process of elimination
Witch hunt - demonized and sacrificed

It didn't make sense. The other students respected Largo "sensei". Why not her? Was it that hard?

Witch hunt- guilty by association
Witch hunt - merciless interrogation

Even though he said weird things about her... he respected her. Saw her worthy; she was on his level, wasn't she? Or even better?

Witch hunt - ill reputed, executed
Witch hunt - Which hunt?
Burn that witch

It didn't make sense!

You've always been different - you've spoken your mind
Set yourself apart - now they hate your kind
A foreign element - the unknown factor
An alien component - the Hannibal Lecter
Witch hunt...

Couldn't they respect her for who she was? Couldn't they let her be?

If they couldn't respect her....

....why did she have to respect them?

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