O Piro, please speak to us again
Of the woman whose voice caused an army to rise,
Tell us again of that Erika Greywing
Of the sin that she carried within charcoal eyes.

"Young students! Be silent! Your studies are long,
And a new woman now sings poor Erika's song
Her army has fallen; her wings turned to ash --
'You cannot have the future without forgetting the past.'"

O Piro, we ask, please don't turn us away
We have come to learn, and she's part of the play
So tell us again of her silver tears crying.
Tell us again of the Girl Phase fighting.

At this Piro sighed, and thus resigned:

"Once, at a certain time in ages dim and lost,
A seiyuu appeared, a budding new star.
Her voice like brilliant stars fell down
She would make the producers
All smile, not frown.

Until then, you see, all anime was ending,
All stories told, all characters wrought,
the 6th sequel of Quest for the Stars was to end,
With nothing to fill the aching void --
And its death would fill their graves.

Erika came to the studio, it's said
With ribbions in her hair, dreams in her head
Oh! That she had never gone there
So long ago, before even I had come
Could no one else sing poor Erika's song?

That day she spoke for Yoriko's part,
The actress, Hashimora, listened in to her start
And quickly turned away in fear.
The valiant stranger whose sword never betrayed,
No, Yoriko's actress was secure in her pride.

A Handsome young man, fresh from Toudai
Opened the door and let his eye wander
He regarded the seiyuu, and stuck her in his mind
As Erika stepped astray from her path
And flipped him o'er backwards, breaking his neck.

While he recovered, with fervor he wrote:
Of a girl with a mallet,
And fanservice jokes.
All the while his neck in a cast.
For six weeks, he sat and prepared a rough draft.

Woe to him! Seito Akabara,
That betrayer of hope, that hopeless fanboy
He let his fascinations get out of hand
but yet when his first draft did meet his boss' eye
His boss saw his future ratings soar high.

He promoted that Seito, and put him in charge,
Of Studio Ara's most top secret project
The final, fleeting fantasy
The last-ditch effort to save their last dream
Locked in a paper and a seiyuu's eye.

The seiyuu was hired, and Erika sighed,
Thanks be to God, her father survived
With the pills that now Erika's money could buy.
You see, he had a horrible cough,
And had been in that place, when death was once there.

Project Finale took ten months to draw,
As was custom in those ancient days.
Thirty episodes, enough to call a season
Thirty weeks for Erika to speak them.
Her voice never cracked while her father's health waned.

The news heard the secret of a new anime
And caused such a ruckus, just three weeks away
From the production's showing, not a month more.
In summer did Erika finish her part.
In summer did Erika's father die.


That's all for now. They'll be more, later, when I'm not quite as tired. Please respond as you wish. I'm sorry, english isn't quite the best language I write in, so I had to mimic my dog-eared copy of Dante and Homer quite a lot to get through this.

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