For mzacher's fanart of Kimiko [Wallpaper]

Window Gazing...

A sheltered nook for vantage on the night,
A somber-colored shirt that warmly hugs,
A misty comfort rising from her mug,
And diamond panes that silver ashen light;
What cloudy musings pass across her sight?
What thoughts on lips and eyebrows gently tug?
Her passion in repose my senses drug,
Her folded arms and soft regard delight.

For when she sighs, a fog drifts through the street,
And when she cries, rain rattles on the glass,
And when she bows her head, it turns to sleet,
But melts before her wistful smile at last.
And though her feelings fall beyond my reach,
My own are tugged by every glance she casts.

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