Leave Me Alone - From 'Gollum's Song' on the Two Towers Soundtrack
This is a possible speculation into Miho's past, where someone tried to get close to her, and she wasn't so on top of things.

I shun the light
I ignore them all.
Where once I tried
I care no more

Just leave me alone
Don't try to understand

So long ago
I wanted warmth
To be just like
The others
They hurt, they laughed

And so I ran
To stay so unknown
Go away!
Just let me be alone

I want no friends
No one to get close to me
It always ends
Abandoned, even more lonely

Please, just leave don't turn back
Don't try it's too much pain

I see your eyes
You've come too late
My fate is set
They hurt! They laughed!

For you will weep
When you lose your loving home
Don't turn back
Just leave me alone

Don't look back
Just let me be alone

Don't come back
Just let me be alone

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